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About Specialized Bikes

The roots of Specialized Bikes UK date from way back in 1997, as a bricks and mortar shop – The Cycle Centre in Congleton. In 2004, we wanted to offer an online cycling store that catered to everyone, just like our shop had. Lots of stores say things like that, but we really meant it – from first time beginners, to life long enthusiasts.

We knew that cycling can be a complicated hobby. That’s why we built a business on four principles

  • Keeping it simple
    Cycling has loads of terms, ideas and pieces of kit. We always try to keep cycling at the level you need it to be. If you’re a gear-head with years of experience, we loving talking tech with you. If you aren’t sure how to get started in cycling, or even aren’t sure it’s right for you, then we’re just as happy to break down the information you need to know.
  • Customer Service
    We’re serious about our customers. We are determined to make sure that all of our staff are not just experts in cycling, but experts in helping our customers with whatever they need. At SpecializedUKBikes, our staff are a carefully picked bunch. That way we can make sure that they are both familiar with riding at all levels, and with the highest levels of customer care.

We know that cycling can be expensive. That’s why we always try to save our customers money on their purchases. We pride ourselves on fantastic value at every range of the market – from commuter bikes to international racing bikes, from helmets to panniers.

  1. Products you can trust
    We make sure that all of the products we supply are sourced from brands and suppliers we trust. We won’t stock products if we aren’t confident the suppliers offer customers the best in service. All of our suppliers have to offer backups, spares or warranties – even if it is years since you bought the product. We only offer products that you can trust.

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built for friendly, uncomplicated advice. Get in touch with any questions, queries or problems you have when using the website. Even if you aren’t sure what you need, and would like some advice to help you along, just get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

At SpecializedUKBikes, we know that the best form of advertising is a happy customer. We’ll do whatever we can to make that you.

Everything about the Roll felt nice and easy. This bike is built first and foremost for comfort. The smooth, stable ride quickly became addictive. It rides like an urban cruiser, using the relaxed positioning of a beach cruiser on a commuter-ready frame that can haul cargo.

Jone Doe

It’s a comfort bike, it’s really easy to ride. It’s not really meant to go off-roading, although I am putting mountain bike tires on it. It has a nice, upright riding position and a fat-ass seat.


David Smith

We picked up these Specialized Roll bikes. An amazing cruiser/hybrid style bike for casual rides. They are great, super-comfortable. This has the 650b wheel, wrapped in a 2.3” width tire; very plush, super comfortable. This is a 1×8 groupo.


Janet Chavez

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